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Introducing the 2021 Winners!


Photo of 2020 Undergraduate Winner Magdelena Augustine
Sonia Goyal

Clarksville, Maryland

The George Washington University

“I am so excited to have been awarded the ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship, which will help me achieve my academic goals in college. Battling a skin condition has played a major role in my life and has inspired me to become a doctor. Therefore, the support of Ortho Dermatologics in helping me pursue my educational journey is incredibly meaningful for me.”

Photo of 2020 Undergraduate Winner Rachel Lim
Anhthy Nguyen

Hayward, California

University of California, Los Angeles

“I am beyond grateful to be one of the ASPIRE HIGHER Scholarship recipients. This scholarship will help me achieve my dream of becoming an educator in the future.”

Photo of 2020 Undergraduate Winner Olivia Kenyon
Olivia Kenyon

West Chester, Pennsylvania

University of Florida

“With the ambition of attending medical school and becoming the first doctor in my family, I couldn't be more grateful for the Ortho Dermatologics ASPIRE HIGHER Scholarship. Thanks to this generous financial support, I can comfortably complete my undergraduate education and feel confident that I am one step closer to accomplishing my dream.”


Photo of 2020 Undergraduate Winner Ryan Rossow
McKenzie White

Bakersfield, California

Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

“The ASPIRE HIGHER Scholarship gave me confidence that I can make a difference and I am where I am supposed to be. I am grateful for the ASPIRE HIGHER Scholarship, which is helping me get closer to my goal of giving back to a medical community that gave so much to me.”

Photo of 2020 Undergraduate Winner Grace Yockey
Maria Rose Belding

Washington, D.C.

Georgetown University School of Medicine

“I come from an academic and professional background of working with vulnerable populations; as I earn an MD, my goal is to work at hospitals that take mostly Medicaid and/or uninsured patients. These institutions usually have the least money to spend, so doctors who want to be working in a socioeconomically distressed community sometimes cannot, because they won't make enough money to repay their student loans. The fewer loans I have to take out, the faster I can get back to my roots in food insecurity, public health, and medicine. The ASPIRE Higher scholarship has gotten me $10,000 closer to that return, and I am so grateful.”

Photo of 2020 Graduate Winner Elisabeth George
Brooke Abzug

Delray Beach, Florida

University of Florida: Department of Occupational Therapy

“It is a great honor and privilege to be recognized for my academic achievements and community involvement as an individual with dermatological conditions. Thank you, Ortho Dermatologics, for recognizing my past and present, while supporting my future through the ASPIRE HIGHER Scholarship Program. I am extremely grateful for the support of Ortho Dermatologics as I continue to pursue a doctoral degree in occupational therapy.”

Today's Woman

Photo of 2020 Graduate Winner Eunice Ko
Megan Gambino

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Delaware Valley University

“This ASPIRE HIGHER Scholarship is truly empowering me to pursue a degree that will help me achieve my professional goals. I have always had the examples of hard work and looking to the community for resources, but as a first generation college student, I had no idea how to fund a graduate degree that didn't offer tuition assistance. When a staff member in the bursar's office told me to look for any and every scholarship, I remembered seeing one about dermatology. I would have never thought my diagnosis could be a part of helping me dream bigger! ”

Photo of 2020 Graduate Winner Christopher Yao
Hillary Hardin

North Bergen, New Jersey

Felician University

“This has meant the world to me, to see a prayer answered in continuing my education with this wonderful scholarship from Ortho Dermatologics. The scholarship not only took sorrow away but presented the blessing of eliminating loan debt.”

Photo of 2020 Today's Woman Winner Marianne Rose Tanada
Sarah Ramirez

Humble, Texas

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), Bradenton Campus

“As a wife and mother of 3 kids it's hard to take time to do things for myself, let alone find the funds to do something major like go back to school and pursue my dreams. I am grateful to have received this scholarship to help finance part of my graduate education while relieving a lot of the financial burden.”