Ortho Dermatologics

Helping patients treated
for dermatologic conditions
achieve their dreams!

9 College Scholarships
up to $10,000 each

2022-2023 Scholarship Categories
Span Range of Student Types

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“It is our distinct honor to continue the ASPIRE HIGHER Scholarship Program to help support students affected by dermatologic conditions, and to recognize and thank the dedicated healthcare providers who treat them. We are truly inspired by our students’ perseverance as they work to achieve their educational dreams.”

Richard Lajoie, B. SC. MBA
Vice-President and General Manager
Ortho Dermatologics
3 Undergraduate
Scholar Awards

for students pursuing
undergraduate or
vocational/technical degrees

3 Graduate
Scholar Awards

for students pursuing
graduate degrees

3 Today’s Woman
Scholar Awards

for students who are mothers
pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or
vocational/technical degrees

Students pursuing technical/vocational degrees or certificates may be eligible. See Rules & Regulations for details.

Application Submission Period:
February 1-May 31, 2022

Awards Announced:
July 13, 2022